• Single herbal granules for compounding are used for compounding the formulae based on the patient’s conditions,they are decoction free, convenient for the practitioners +Learn more

  • TCM decoction pieces refer to clinical herbal medicine prepared and processed in accordance with TCM principles and methods. +Learn more

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  • full-automatic
  • six-station
  • double-station

The Whole Industry Chain

  • Research
  • GAP
  • GMP
  • Marketing
  • Service
  • Neo-GPT has made a great investment in research and development including each link in the whole Neo-GPT industry chain from the breeding of new varieties... + Learn more

  • Based on the tenet of “optimizing genuine medicinal materials, implementing GAP standardized planting and promoting agriculture industrialization... + Learn more

  • Quality supervision in line with GAP and GMP requirements is comprehensively practiced, covering raw materials, decoction pieces and formula granules... + Learn more

  • Good products require good sales network. Neo-GPT sticks to the optimization channel strategy and finds cooperative partners with a common goal at home... + Learn more

  • With the mechanical, electronic and network information technologies and by following the integration of application of traditional Chinese medicine theories... + Learn more