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  As the old saying goes, the job of a doctor is to devote himself to skills with a merciful heart and he should hone the skills by taking advantage of the current situation while accumulating experience and knowledge so that the essence of his skills can be inherited! The broad and profound culture of traditional Chinese herbal is the gem in the treasure house of Chinese culture. It is the basis of the health of Chinese people for thousands of years and its influence has far exceeded the application of traditional Chinese herbal itself. It represents the inheritance of Chinese culture and the concept of virtue and benevolence and its fundamental concept of keeping fit via nourishing of life and curing a disease via eradicating its source is increasingly acknowledged and pursued with the progress of society. However, as the society is advancing, the people’s way of life has changed and the scientific and technological development has also resulted in higher health requirements of people, how to satisfy the health requirements of people in modern society and how to renovate the traditional Chinese herbal have become what modern Chinese enterprises should be concerned about and should strive for in the first place. The Chinese enterprises must improve their own abilities so as to realize innovative development.

 China accounts for less than 10% in the international trade of traditional Chinese herbal . As the cradle of traditional Chinese herbal , China does not do as well as Korea and Japan. Many domestic enterprises are in a rush to fully implement industrialization, standardization, modernization and internationalization hardly realizing that these four aspects are advanced gradually in sequence. A good industrial base makes a good foundation for enterprises; preparation of industrial standards provides guarantee for products; Devoting to R&D innovation and introducing of advanced management and market operation makes the brand influential. Only when these three aspects are realized can the enterprise have the right to go global and the Chinese brand of traditional Chinese exert real influence on the international market. As a modern traditional Chinese enterprise, we need to see more clearly the reform tendency and make every effort to realize reform while we are inspired by the glory of traditional Chinese herbal in historical inheritance. For the establishment of brand, we will continue to carry forward the humanistic spirit of paying attention to health and returning to nature. We will, on the basis of inheriting the quintessence of traditional herbal of our country, combine the culture of traditional Chinese herbal and modern science and technology, and vigorously promote the planting technology for green traditional Chinese materials and the application and popularization of TCM formula granules so as to inject continuous vitality in the culture of traditional Chinese herbal in a new period. The reform of an industry will definitely create great enterprises. To become a great enterprise in the reform, we need to accomplish the filtration of traditional quintessence and absorb what is best in it, and combine modern technology with modern needs and rebuild the competitiveness of modern enterprises taking science and technology as the impetus! The growth and expansion of modern Chinese enterprises are the miniature for the rising of national traditional Chinese herbal . There will be more and more Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises going global in the future. We would like to be the forerunner in the industrialization, standardization, modernization and internationalization of Chinese herbal and contribute in the rising of national traditional Chinese herbal while we are inspired by the glory and realize innovation in challenge. 

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The novel design and advanced technologies are innovative and the technology in general leads in domestic market and is at an advanced level in international market