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   TCM decoction pieces refer to clinical herbal prepared and processed in accordance with TCM principles and methods. NGP values the tradition and innovation of decoction piece processing. Under the leadership of Professor Hu Changjiang, TCM supervisor and director of the Process Training and Research Office of the Chengdu University of TCM, NGP has developed strict processes and quality standards for all types of herbal which are in strict accordance with The Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Manufacturing processes and processing are strictly in line with relevant standards and regulations, guaranteeing absolute compliance with The Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

Processes for refining TCM decoction pieces:

Advantages of refined TCM decoction pieces:
enhanced clinical performance following high accuracy of prescription and dosage. Transparent packaging materials distinctly identified and marked, increasing the difficulty of counterfeiting while safeguarding brand reputation. Patient right to know respected as a result of distinctive packaging enabling convenient verification, quality supervision and TCM knowledge popularization and industrial development.

Smart TCM Pharmacy

The novel design and advanced technologies are innovative and the technology in general leads in domestic market and is at an advanced level in international market