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Corporate vision    safeguard the health of its customers, incorporate science and technology and promote the development of TCM.
Never forget our initial motives – to focus on the applications of TCM in regards to human health

Drive TCM modernization yet still follow fundamental traditions: from nature and back.
Utilize science and technology, propel TCM forward and answer crucial social needs and changes.
Pass on the traditional herbal culture promote the quintessence of TCM

Corporate objective     Build a century-old enterprise that sees endless prosperity.
Third five-year plan: Never stop moving. Put current strategic plan into effect. Valiantly continue forward.

Core values:   benevolent and visionary  agile and practical  persistent and dauntless innovative and endeavoring
Benevolent and visionary
Be moral, ambitious and visionary – charisma comes with a virtuous spirit and character;
Flexible and pragmatic
Be flexible in thoughts and actions – astute judgment and quick in response to new affairs and changes in circumstances;
Persistent and dauntless
Be faithful and determined – a strong will that continues our willingness to believe and strive for our goals;
Innovative and tenacious
Be open-minded and pursue for excellence – unceasing motivation for the sustainable development of the enterprise and industry.

The path to   benevolence and vision
Be sincere, honest and forward-looking, neglect short-term gains and personal accomplishments or failures.
The path to flexibility and pragmatism
Be flexible, clever, competent and results oriented.
The path to   persistence and determination
Be ambitious, aspiring, courageous and indomitable.
The path to   innovation and tenacity
Be open and innovative; Thirst for knowledge and strive for excellence.

Outlook on talent     aid those who dream   recognize those who perform   reward those who are grateful.
NGP holds out its hand to those who dream. 
NGP supports those brave enough to act and move forward. 
NGP rewards those who are grateful on their path to success. 

Slogan – Modern TCM for a modern life. 

Operational philosophy 
In line with the responsibilities towards patients and doctors as well as hospitals and its own sustainable development, NGP adheres to innovating its technology, products, industrial organization and business models to achieve its own industrialization, standardization, modernization and internalization. 

Smart TCM Pharmacy

The novel design and advanced technologies are innovative and the technology in general leads in domestic market and is at an advanced level in international market