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  • “A fire once united and stars gemming the sky once separated”

    “A little lotus leaf just appears with a sharp tip, quickly a dragonfly lands on it”. In March, the annual campus recruitment kicks off as scheduled. All the painstaking staff of the Recruitment Team of the Human Resource Department went to colleges and universities in Sichuan to find talents. To quickly respond to the employment need of pharmacies in the southwest region, the Human Resource Department held the 1st intern training for “dream building plan” from March 30-April 7, 2015 for the seven fresh graduates from Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine who has just signed the tripartite agreement with the Company.

  • “A fire once united and stars gemming the sky once separated”- successful completion of intern “dream building" training

    This year has witnessed the rapid development and expansion of the Company. With the further spreading of the national sales network, more and more talents are transferred continuously to the Company. The Recruitment Team of the Human Resource Department recruited a batch of fresh college graduates with specialized knowledge in traditional Chinese pharmacology, marketing, mechatronics, etc. in the 2014 autumn campus recruitment. Inspired by the enthusiasm of “helping dream pursuers, encourage actors and fostering thanks-givers” of the corporate concept of talents, the Training Team of the Human Resource Department painstakingly organized the intern induction training program for “dream building plan” for NGP Elite College.

  • Establishment of practical teaching base for pharmacology by Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and NGP

    On March 25, 2015, the grand opening ceremony for practical teaching base for pharmacology of Yunnan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine was held at the production base in Pengzhou City of Sichuan Green Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd. (NGP)

  • Huang Xinchu, Secretary of Chengdu Party Committee, Headed a Delegation to Visit Neo-GPT

    Chengdu Daily (by Zhang Kuiyong) On June 30, Mr. Huang Xinchu, Member of Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, headed to Pengzhou to have a field investigation about the social and economic development according to the arrangement of provincial and municipal party committee.

  • TCM Hospital:Bid Farewell to Large Bowls of TCM Soup; “Instant TCM” Gains Popularity

    Source: (by Xiong Duquan) It is fair to say that instant TCM granules can save a lot of trouble because it is as convenient as instant coffee if you do not need to boil many bags of herbal . Recently, the smart pharmacy of Xiangxiang TCM Hospital has begun to dispense TCM granules. As introduced by Liu Kunquan, pharmacist working in the pharmacy, such kind of TCM granules applies modern technology to change the traditional way of decocting TCM and make single herbal by extracting, concentrating and drying.


Smart TCM Pharmacy

The novel design and advanced technologies are innovative and the technology in general leads in domestic market and is at an advanced level in international market