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GAP planting base-Source of genuine materials

Based on the tenet of “optimizing genuine materials, implementing GAP standardized planting and promoting agriculture industrialization”, NGP has made great efforts in implementing standardized planting and establishing a complete guarantee system for supply of genuine materials.

GAP planting base

Listed as the first batch of national “scientific and technological demonstration areas (in Sichuan) for the planting of materials at the modern scientific and technological industry base for traditional Chinese herbal, the scientific and technological demonstration area of the Company for standardized planting of Ligusticum wallichii (GAP) covers over 40,000 mu Ligusticum wallichii GAP base including 2,000 mu core demonstration area and 3,800 mu promotion area. Through several years of management and development and based on the business model of “company + base + farmers”, the local farmers are mobilized to plant Ligusticum wallichii to earn money and become rich. This is of great significance for promoting the transfer of local rural labor force, getting rid of poverty and becoming better off as well as promoting the modernization progress of traditional Chinese herbal.

The Ligusticum wallichii base was certified by the State Food and Drug Administration in April 2006 and August 2012. NGP and the variety were among those in the first batch to have passed the GAP certification throughout the country in 2006.The Ligusticum wallichii base is so far among the few to have passed the GAP certification in the country.

Pesticide residue control at GAP planting base

We carry out mixed sampling of each batch of traditional Chinese herbal materials manufactured and immediately send the samples to the testing center of the Company after that to test heavy metals (mercury, lead, copper, chromium, arsenic) and pesticide residues (benzene hexachloride, dichlorodiphenyl trichloroethane and other organophosphorus and organochlorine pesticides) so as to strictly control quality and take responsibility for the health of patients.

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