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Single Herbal granules for compounding


Single Herbal granules for compounding Advantages
TCM decoction pieces
Single Herbal granules for compounding
Method of decoction
Herbal decocted by patients; no operational standards
Industrial extraction process maximizing the use of active ingredients
Quality control
No standards on origin, cultivation and production; quality not guaranteed
Strictly inspected from the very beginning; normal  production, unified standards and consistent quality in GMP workshop
Clinical efficacy 
Commonly low efficacy even for good prescriptions
Equal or superior to traditionally decocted herb, according to an over decade long clinical trial and pharmacological experiments
Bulky, rots easily and non-portable 
Small, air-tight, and portable
Oral administration after decoction
Convenient and handy to use

NGP’s advantages:

Quality control covering the full industrial chain, enhanced performance in safety and efficiency.

One of a few vertically integrated manufacturers of Single Herbal granules for compounding in China.          

Full industrial chain:

How to build the full industrial chain of Single Herbal granules for compounding
1.Source farm:hundreds of GAP cultivation bases nationwide and authentic  ingredient bases.

2.Production of decoction pieces:GMP certification in both TCM decoction pieces and toxic TCM decoction pieces.


3.Production of Single Herbal granules for compounding

 proprietary production process for all kinds of herb. 

GMP formula granule base that houses advanced equipment and conforms to standard regulations.

4.Clinical dispensing:

proprietary intelligent TCM pharmacies; fifth-generation fully automatic dispensing machine already on the market and pioneering the digitization of TCM pharmacies.

Smart TCM Pharmacy

The novel design and advanced technologies are innovative and the technology in general leads in domestic market and is at an advanced level in international market