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Innovation based on customers

Modern Chinese herbal planting technology improves traditional Chinese herbal planting technology.
      The Company has developed a complete set of planting technologies which adapt to the biological characteristics of Sichuan genuine medicinal materials. This has evaded the deficiency of traditional extensive planting and ensured the high quality of the source of industry.
Modern pharmaceutical technology changes traditional pharmaceutical technology
      To ensure quality monitoring of drugs in the whole production process, the Company has established a complete quality management system. The standardized production enables the products of the Company to meet and even exceed the industrial standards in general.
Modern instant TCM granules change the habit of decocting and taking traditional Chinese herbal 
      The TCM granules are pure traditional Chinese herbal manufactured through modern processing technology with traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces (complying with preparation standards) as the raw materials. The replacement of traditional decoctions with safe and effective instant granules provides more effective, safer, more stable, more convenient, quicker, cheaper and more scientific healthcare and treatment means for doctors and patients.
Modern intelligent way of filling a prescription replaces the traditional way of filling a prescription.
      The granule automatic dispensing machine system developed by the Company through continuous investment for several years calculates various traditional Chinese herbal in a unique way. The whole process from prescribing the herbal  to finally sealing the herbal in boxes is finished in disposable herbal cups. During this process, no manual intervention is needed ensuring no cross contamination of traditional Chinese herbal .
Modern informationized and intelligentized means promote the modernization of traditional Chinese medical hospitals.
       Based on the automatic dispensing machine and following the theories and application of traditional Chinese herbal , the Company, through the integration of mechanical, electronic and network information technologies, has developed the modern intelligent pharmacy. This has greatly shortened the hospitalizing time of patients and realized the scientific management of hospitals and real-time processing of data making the pharmacy the infrastructure for building “digital hospitals”.

Continuous investment in research and development
Innovation is the core driving force for NGP to realize the sustainable development in the future
      NGP has made a great investment in research and development including each link in the whole NGP industry chain from the breeding of new varieties for drug source, GAP standardized planting and development of TCM granules and new drugs to the development of client-side intelligent pharmacy system. This ensures the leading technologies for GAP base for existing TCM granules and Chinese medical materials such as Ligusticum wallichii and Bulbus fritillariae cirrhosae. With the continuous innovation of the “automatic dispensing system for TCM  granules”, the Company has made numerous achievements in scientific research.
      NGP has invested tens of millions of money in the establishment of the research center and is equipped with the cutting-edge research facilities and first-class researchers. The research center is devoted to the technology and quality research on traditional Chinese medicinal materials and TCM granules as well as the research and development of new drugs. It has established broad cooperation with many leading scientific research institutions, colleges and hospitals such as Sichuan University, Sichuan Academy of Chinese herbal Sciences, Chengdu University of TCM, Capital University of Medical Sciences, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences and General Hospital of the People's Liberation Army.
      To realize the growth goal of the Company, NGP continuously carries out reformation and has made a series of scientific achievements and obtained a series of patents for TCM granule, Ann bacterial fertilizer and No. 1 Pengxiong, etc. NGP has made breakthroughs in the extraction of effective parts of traditional Chinese medicinal materials such as Ligusticum wallichii and the development of Chinese patent herbal . To maintain the leading superiority, NGP has invested a lot of money in the research on the treatment of cold headache and cardiovascular system diseases with Ligusticum wallichii. It has extended the exiting industry chain of “traditional Chinese herbal materials-refined traditional Chinese herbal  decoction pieces-TCM granules” to “effective parts for traditional Chinese medicines- Chinese patent ” thus truly realizing the comprehensive utilization and industrialized development of traditional Chinese medicinal materials.


The Whole Industry Chain

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