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Smart TCM Pharmacy-full-automatic

One-button: The whole dispensing process is finished through one-button operation;
Integration: The integrated operation of making a prescription, pricing, charging and dispensing is realized;
Modularization: With self-checking function and full modular design, the machine has a low failure rate;
Touch-screen intelligent control: The touch-screen intelligent control is adopted to meet the requirements for “high-tech new technologies of modern society;
Accurate dosage: 
Special metering device is adopted to control errors to 0.01g and ensure accurate metering of herbal ;

Fully enclosed: The whole machine is designed to be fully enclosed to effectively avoid moisture absorption of herbal ;
No contamination: herbal are packed separately with no cross contamination.

The Whole Industry Chain

Smart TCM Pharmacy

The novel design and advanced technologies are innovative and the technology in general leads in domestic market and is at an advanced level in international market